PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Script Reporting


What is PTF Script Reporting?

PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) provides different types of reports that summarize the test execution results. The following are some of the reports that can be generated using PTF:

  • Test Execution Summary Report
  • Test Execution Detail Report
  • Test Execution Comparison Report
  • Test Plan Summary Report
  • Test Plan Detail Report

These reports can be exported to different formats such as PDF, Excel, or HTML, making it easier to share and collaborate with different stakeholders. The reports provide valuable insights into the application's performance and quality, helping teams to identify areas of improvement and prioritize them accordingly.


Why is PTF Script Reporting Important?

Test reporting is an essential step to undertake after executing PeopleSoft Test Framework tests. The following are some reasons why test reporting is crucial:

  • Helps in identifying issues
  • Facilitates communication and collaboration
  • Supports compliance and audit requirements
  • Enables continuous improvement

In summary, test reporting is a critical step to undertake after executing PeopleSoft Test Framework tests. It provides valuable information on the application's performance and quality, facilitating communication, collaboration, compliance, and continuous improvement.

How Can Astute Business Solutions Help?


We’ve helped scores of organizations with their PeopleSoft Test Framework tests. An important part of each and every project we’ve undertaken is providing crisp, timely, and accurate reports that demonstrate the status of a testing project, the health of the scripts themselves, and the status of the individual functionalities under test. We understand what an organization needs when it comes to reporting for the purposes of project management, and compliance controls.

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