PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Script Maintenance


Why Maintain PTF Scripts?

Maintaining PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) scripts is necessary to ensure that the test automation suite is effective and continues to provide value to the project team. The following are some reasons why maintaining PTF scripts is crucial:

  • Keep up with changes
  • Improve efficiency
  • Address issues
  • Support scalability
  • Support continuous improvement

Maintaining PTF scripts is necessary to ensure that the test automation suite remains effective, efficient, and scalable. It helps to keep up with changes in the application being tested, improves efficiency, addresses issues, supports scalability, and supports continuous improvement.


How to Maintain PTF Scripts

Maintaining PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) scripts requires a structured and consistent approach to ensure that the scripts remain up-to-date, efficient, and effective. The following are some tips for maintaining PTF scripts:

  1. Review and update regularly
  2. Use descriptive naming conventions
  3. Make use of reusable components
  4. Document changes
  5. Ensure scripts are properly organized
  6. Validate scripts

By following these tips, PTF scripts can be maintained effectively and efficiently, ensuring that the test automation suite remains accurate and effective.

How Can Astute Business Solutions Help?


Your investment in PTF scripts should pay for itself within a couple of testing cycles depending on how long it takes you to test your applications. Maintaining your scripts is something that becomes a part of your standard maintenance cycle - just as you maintain your customizations. As the PeopleSoft application changes, your tests will need to change as well. Some organizations decide that they don’t want to have their resources work on test maintenance as they feel they have higher-value tasks to work on. Astute Business Solutions can provide you with resources to maintain your PTF tests before you execute them saving your team the maintenance time. We often suggest using offshore resources to maintain PTF resources which further reduces cost.

I would like you to maintain my PTF scripts