Provision of Baseline PeopleSoft Test Framework (PTF) Tests

Download Free Baseline PTF Tests

Astute Business Solutions maintains baseline PTF tests for PeopleSoft application modules. These baseline tests are build on the DEMO configuration and are intended as a way for you to get a jump start on your PTF implementation. This is particularly useful for organizations that don’t have solid documentation of their current testing strategy as it provides a starting point for your journey.

When you install these tests in your environment, you can:

  • Use them as a way to understand how to build PTF scripts.
  • Use them as a baseline suite by retrofitting them to work with your configuration.

We provide these tests to the public as-is for free. You can download them here.

If you would like more support to go along with these tests, we offer a fixed-fee service to configure PTF for a pillar/environment (for example: HCM/UAT) of your choosing and install the baseline tests for $3,000.

I would like your help getting PTF up and running in my environment.